Hi there. It’s Meagan Drillinger, your friendly neighborhood serial traveler.

That’s right, I said serial traveler.

Serial traveler: noun. One to whom travel is an inexplicable addiction. Serial travelers are known to get off the plane and immediately take up on another one, without warning, without reason, without pattern. The need to travel is too intense.

I’ve been in the official travel writing business for three years. By day I am a staff editor for trade publications Luxury Travel Advisor and Travel Agent magazine, but I moonlight as the snarky, sarcastic traveler with nymph-like beauty that you have all come to know and love.

My passion beyond travel extends to culinary adventures, local endeavors and everything and anything from budget to luxury journeys.

When I’m not tantalizing you with my travel tales, I’m in Astoria, Queens catching up on honing my domestic skills.

It’s been 24 countries and counting. Welcome to trippin: a travelogue.