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What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear ‘honeymoon?’ I would make a hefty wager without hesitation that more often than not your image is something incredibly cliche.

Let me guess. A coconut beverage on a beach in Aruba, right? Or perhaps a nap in a hammock under the shade of a palm tree…on a beach in Aruba. Maybe a scandalous encounter in a hot tub….that overlooks a beach in Aruba. Are you getting my point? For as long as there have been honeymoons, newlyweds, still drunk off one another to the point where every little burp is still adorable, have flocked to places like the Caribbean or Hawaii to bask in the sun and deluded fantasies about how their lives meant nothing until they used each other’s toothbrushes.

Well, my friends, times they are a-changing. Honeymooners are saying ‘been there, done that’ to overused destinations as their expectations rise. Virtuoso, a luxury travel network in the U.S., recently unveiled the 30 Top Honeymoons, which were chosen by the industry’s top honeymoon specialist. So what destinations featured prominently? Vietnam and Cambodia.

…what? The countries previously torn apart by genocide, war, Agent Orange and the Khmer Rouge? Sounds like a gorgeous brochure. This is like saying 40 years from now, “Hey baby I can’t decide where we should go for our honeymoon. I mean, Kabul definitely has the nightlife, but Mogadishu has the beaches.” But hey, anything is possible. Clearly. Now the region is home to UNESCO World Heritage sites, beaches, five-star accommodation…everything you could want from a honeymoon but in a fresh and exotic location.

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