goodHere’s a fun little fact about New York City‘s West Village: It’s awesome.

No, no keep reading. I know you know this. But do you know how awesome it is? It’s one of NYC’s most affluent neighborhoods with beautiful townhouses, cobblestone streets, trees (yes, TREES!) and cute restaurants and boutiques that seem to pop up out of nowhere. This is where New York’s “quiet” money is. I say quiet, because let’s face it. The money on 5th and Park is just a little too much.

Anyway, it has been a dream of mine since I was in college to make enough money to be able to call one of the West Village streets my home. I’d love to be lost in a ‘hood that is literally “off the grid.” So when some new friends of mine who actually happen to live in this part of town took off for a few weeks, I took it upon myself to inhabit their home a few nights a week to pretend that their home is mine. Creepy? Who asked you.

If you are so lucky to spend time in this neighborhood, you’ll want to do so for brunch. The people of the West Village love their “cute” brunch. On Sunday I happened upon good on Greenwich Avenue. While the dinner prices are a bit steep at this nouveau-bohemian eatery washed in off-white and pale blue, brunch prices are considerably more affordable – and even more so if you don’t order a brunch cocktail, but where’s the fun in that?

The menu runs the gamut from figure-friendly items to the heartier, “hey it’s winter I’ll eat what I want,” fare. I opted for the basil and goat cheese scrambled eggs, which came heaped on a piece of sourdough toast, garnished with fresh pesto, asparagus and cherry tomatoes. Yeah, that happened. My companion went all out with two eggs over medium on top of fresh biscuits and topped with a rich sausage gravy. Oh. yes. The bill was a respectable $35.

The wait can be long, seeing as it is Sunday brunch in one of New York’s most sought after districts, so if you find yourself unwilling to wait, just take a stroll through the criss-cross of streets and you are sure to find a gem.