Ahh Murray Hill. You tricky little sonofab*tch. We all work near you, but you are the most obnoxious neighborhood in New York City in which to grab an after-work beverage.

Murray Hill exists roughly between E 34 and 42 streets between Fifth and First avenues. I’ve said this before, but it draws a douchier type of person. That being said, I know of a little spot to where you can go for a quick drink after work on a weeknight and not be bombarded (for the most part) by hordes of guys and gals who haven’t realized that college is over. This bar isn’t new and it isn’t particularly gimmicky. It’s just a good bar. Allow me to introduce The Ginger Man.

With 70 beers on tap and another 160 by the bottle, this is a brewer’s heaven. Add to that dark corners, a back living room and a creative twist on bar food, and this is a great spot to drop by with friends, or even alone with a book (as yours truly has been known to do).

The menu changes seasonally, as does the beer, AND you can get beer to go.

Note: The Ginger Man isn’t immune to douchebaggery. Don’t expect to go there at 6 p.m. on a Friday night and have a mellow time, but early on weeknights or on a Saturday afternoon you’ll be swimming in space and suds.

The Ginger Man is on E 36 Street between Fifth and Madison avenues.