Is there anything greater than a nice hotel? I mean a really nice hotel – the kind with 27 throw pillows on the bed and heated bathroom floors (because god forbid your feet get cold). Having said that, there are certain aspects to even the best hotel that, when lacking, can render the journey more of an annoyance than an indulgence. Here are my top five hotel pet peeves.

1. Bellmen
I understand that the vacation is supposed to begin immediately upon arrival –  I really do, and I appreciate that. But perhaps the bellman culture is one that society can gracefully retire. My bag has wheels. It’s really not that much of an effort for me to drag it into the elevator and then into my room. If the bellman is insistent, I’m usually then waiting 25 minutes for my luggage to arrive and then on top of all of that, I need to tip the guy who brought me what didn’t really need to leave my sight in the first place.

2. Access Denied
It’s time to upgrade the technology of room keys. Some of these keys are so sensitive that they need to come with instruction manuals (and therapists). “Don’t put the key next to a credit card, or near a hot surface, or in your pocket.” Thank you for making the key so slim that it could fit into my wallet, but if everything in my wallet is going to deactivate it I’d rather just have a regular key. I’m not a fan of wandering to the front desk in the wee hours of the morning because my room key decided it didn’t like the way I spoke to it.

3. Out”less”
This may seem small, but no outlets near the bedside table is my number one pet peeve. I am sure that 90 percent of you bring your laptops into bed (for whatever late-night browsing you may be doing – I’m not here to judge). Having a spot to plug that puppy into that is close by is essential. And even if you aren’t a late-night laptopper, having your cell phone within arms reach is just a given in this 24/7 digital world. No one wants to walk across the room to respond to a text message.

4. Wi-Funk
This will surely receive a resounding “duh.” First and foremost, if a hotel doesn’t even have wi-fi I’m not sure I would even stay there (unless it’s one of those ‘unplugged couples-retreaty’ resorts meant for gazing longingly at one another. But I’m 24; that ain’t happening). So let’s assume that most hotels do have wi-fi, in which case, the problem would be charging for it. If it’s a luxury hotel, my issue is that I’ve shelled out an arm and a leg to be there. Certain amenities should be included. Even if it is your regular mid-market brand, how much does wi-fi really cost that you need to charge me $30 a day for it (at least)?

5. Ever-Present Housekeeping
I used to think I just had poor timing, until I chatted with other avid hotel visitors who share a similar gripe. Housekeeping is ALWAYS around! First they are knocking on my door at 8 a.m. (I’m on vacation…go away.) Then they come back around at 10 am. (I’m still not up.) When I do leave my room, perhaps to go to the pool, and then come back to change, there they are detailing my entire bathroom with a Q-tip. How dirty do you think I made this bathroom in the two days I have been here? I really just need the bed made and the trash taken out. That will earn you a lovely tip. No need for the above-and-beyond.