There are few places that I liken to Heaven: Ireland, anywhere with Anthony Bourdain, and a restaurant that would serve me both tacos AND sushi. But where oh where would such a place exist? In Murray Hill of all places. Allow me to introduce Zengo.

Murray Hill is one of New York’s “douchier” (it’s a word) neighborhoods. Frat boys who refuse to accept that college is over tend to flock there. But I’ll forgive the ‘hood for its sins thanks to this restaurant, which I was introduced to last night.

The tapas-style menu features a fusion of Asian and Latin flavors, such as chipotle yellowfin tuna rolls and achiote-hoisin pork arepas (both of which I had, and devoured). A selection of about five small plates is enough for two people.

Make sure you leave enough sobriety to sample a flight of tequilas. The Library downstairs is a great spot to sit and sample a whole menu of tequilas. Unfortunately it was closed for a private party but we were still able to do some damage from our booth.

Note: Lovers of the Asian persuasion will love the sake bar upstairs.

Today, I pay for my crimes as I feel the alcohol seeping from my pores. Oh drunk Meagan, you and your ways.