Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Flea

Let me paint you a little picture: Manhattan skyline, sunshine on the East River and a vacant lot packed with outposts of some of New York’s most delicious restaurants. Hello Summer in New York! Hello Smorgasburg!

Every Saturday for the rest of the summer, vendors will congregate between North 6th and North 7th street in Williamsburg at the East River, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., serving up a smorgasbord (get it?) of bite-size snacks. Think stuffed Indian roti, mini DuMont burgers, papusas, tacos, sesame noodles, barbecue…the list goes on…and on….

Here’s a tip: Although vendors are there until 6, try to get there sometime before 3 p.m. Yours truly was too busy sitting on a friend’s roof drinking champagne and by the time I got there, around 4 p.m., many of the more popular stalls were sold out of food. Damn you, New York and your rooftop scene! (Yet another fantastic aspect of Summer in the City.)

Another note: Smorgasburg is a part of the Brooklyn Flea phenomenon.

Don your flannel, knit hat and most ironic expression. It is Williamsburg, after all.