Photo courtesy of Lonely Planet

I’m cheating. This weekend I was so swept up in Passover/Family land that I just didn’t have time to get into some kind of adventure for you people (unless you want to hear about how awesome I am at reading the Haggadah…anyone?). Anyway, today’s post is credited to Lonely Planet.

I love road trips. Put me behind the wheel with an excellent playlist and you may never hear from me again. I’ve done San Diego to Seattle, New York to Memphis, Memphis to New Orleans, the list goes on. For those of you with a similar affliction, Lonely Planet has rounded up some of the most picturesque drives in Colorado…as if I needed something else to add to my travel wishlist.


Note: For the true road trip junkie, such as myself, I recommend the book Road Trip USA. It’s a compilation of America’s two-lane highways along with where you can stop along the way for some real slices of Americana. It’s my road trip Bible. Never leave home without it.