Photo courtesy of Yelp

The Upper West Side is a very weird part of New York. It’s the bastard child, if you will, unlike the perfect (uptight) legitimate child that is the Upper East Side. The Upper West Side is dirtier, appears older and doesn’t really have a targeted demographic; Riverside mansions have hobos peeing on their stoops. “Heaven’s no!,” the Upper East Side would say.

But like all things dirty and wrong, the Upper West Side is just way more fun, which is why I’d like to call your attention to Jacob’s Pickles. At 509 Amsterdam Avenue (between 84th and 85th streets), sits this casual “down home” eatery with a trendy flare. (Think leather banquettes and candles meets hot sauce and whiskey bottles. How very Upper West.)

The restaurant is all about pickled vegetables, southern cooking and beer – and you know that I am on board with all of these things. Be sure to start with an appetizer of mixed pickled vegetables. I would then suggest moving on to the Honey Chicken & Pickles sandwich (fried chicken, pickles and honey on a biscuit) and a side of mac and cheese. Wash all this down with one of the many beers on tap, and then pray that the gym will be open in the morning.

Amen to the down and dirty.