Courtesy of the New York Times

Bear with me for the next five weeks, friends. I’m not on the road again until May 5, so while I continue to feel mopey because I’m back into my old routine (routine…yuck), you get to live off these desperate attempts at travel posts. (It’s hard to write a travel blog when you are grounded for weeks at a time.)

When people ask me where I would like to go most in the world, I always say, “Anywhere I have never been.” Can you really call my travel “bucket list” a list, when it encompasses an infinite amount of destinations? I’d like to think so. Anyway, at the top of my bucket list this week is anywhere and everywhere in Southeast Asia. It’s a corner of the world that seems like it would be a punch to the jaw of color, smell, sounds and tastes. What could be better?

Check out the New York Times‘ newest “36 Hours In…” article about Vientiane, Laos. Laos is one of those destinations in Southeast Asia that has managed to fend off the masses, unlike Thailand and Vietnam. It’s only a matter of time, though. So get there while you still can!