Okay, have we had enough of my existential crises? I thought so. Forgive me for my deep thoughts – just missing my adventures and my new Brazilian friends. In any event, let’s bring the party back up to speed with something a little lighter.

Francophiles and sweet-tooth connoisseurs alike know and love the macaron (no, not macaroons, all you Jews out there. Macaron.). A macaron is a delightful little French meringue-based cookie that comes in a variety of pastel colors. It was brought to fame by none other than the French manufacturer of sweets, Ladurée.

Well, friends, today is Macaron Day (Jour du Macaron). So whether you are an aficionado or a macaron virgin, today is the day for you. There are 12 participating merchants in NYC that will hand over a free macaron to those who utter the phrase, “I am here for Macaron Day NYC.”

Be sure to check out Bouchon Bakery, Canelle Patisserie, Epicerie Boulud, Dominique Ansel Bakery and more. Check it out here and bon appetit!