ImageAaaaand hello. Sorry for the hiatus last week, friends. Mama needed a little rest. But I’m back feeling rejuvenated with plenty of tales to tell.

Most importantly – if you live in the New York area and have not checked out BBQ Films, then…well…you should.

Saturday night I ushered in the Year of the Dragon while eating unlimited dumplings, drinking Heineken and watching Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon. It was a Dumpling Kung Fu Speakeasy. Seriously.

BBQ Films is a cinema ‘social club’ that showcases both mainstream and Indie films throughout the city, combined with food and alcohol. Amen to the underground, semi-hipster, non-douchey functions in New York.

The ticket was incredibly affordable at just $25 (not bad, considering most theaters charge $13 for a ticket and that does not include food and beer).

Be sure to check out their site here or follow them on Twitter (@BBQfilms) to find out what’s happening next.

Also – I realize last Wednesday was supposed to be Name that Skyline, but, I was on vacation. Skyline-freaks be forewarned that this Wednesday, February 8, will be the makeup date for the contest.