Hey there my darling trippers. While I wait for my travel bug to wriggle out of hiding so that I can provide you with scintillating tales, let me take this opportunity to ask for your help (or at least ask those who live in NYC for their help).

A few months ago an adorable Italian restaurant, Portalia, opened up in Astoria. I absolutely love the subtle romantic decor and its potential for a hopping bar scene. Antonio, the owner, is quick to come into the dining room to refill a glass of wine or make polite (and surprisingly not annoying) chitchat. And the food…oh my. My torn ribbon pasta with veal ragu was nothing short of fantastic on a very cold and rainy evening.

But alas, dear friends, every time I pass Portalia it is empty. I am convinced that this has to do with its location and lack of publicity, seeing as every review on Yelp is outstanding. It can be found on Broadway between 35th and 36th streets, not a heavily trafficked area.

I would hate to see this place close down, so I’m asking you all a favor: If you are at a loss for a good date night spot, please opt for Portalia. Let’s keep this puppy in the neighborhood.