If sliced bread is the best thing, then adding melty, gourmet cheeses atop it would only be an improvement. Welcome to Queens Kickshaw, a grilled cheese eatery in my lovely Astoria. It’s further proof that hipsters are, in fact, taking over and one day the hood will look similar to Greenpoint, and eventually Williamsburg. But I digress…

…Amid the long, wooden tables and antiquey factory-esque ceiling, groups or solo diners gather to drink large mugs of gourmet coffee with names you can’t even pronounce, read a book and sample some ridiculously good grilled cheese sandwiches. Oh! There’s craft beer, too! Grilled cheese, coffee and beer. Come on, how does this not sound like Brooklyn?

I opted for the Gruyere sandwich, which comes with carmelized onions on rye bread with a side of Napa cabbage and caraway slaw. Lauren Food E. went for the Great Hill Blue – a cranberry walnut bread base with prune jam and fresh pear.

If you are a hardcore Manhattanite or Brooklyn baby, perhaps wary of making the transition to Astoria, this is a perfect starter spot, before us hardened vets take you to the more hardcore Queens spots.

Note: The Queens Kickshaw sits on Broadway between Steinway and 41st Street. it is currently cash only.