Believe it or not, there is a limit to how much all-inclusive fun one can have. I know, I said it. Yesterday was spent in true fat-ass gluttony. I parked myself by the pool for what I think was about four hours and drank Sol beers (somewhat similar to a Natty Light) and potent margaritas.

After crisping myself to the point where every inch of skin felt like Snooki’s face, it was time to pull myself away from this alternate universe and check into reality for some lunch. Come on, you can do it, too. Get off the beach chair, put on your shoes and go get some culture. Don’t be scared…You’ll be okay. The beach will be there when you get back.

In the name of local cuisine and an ethnic adventure, JP and I headed off site to La Destileria, a local Mexican restaurant near downtown Cancun with a long, LONG list of fine tequilas.

If you are in town and looking for something away from the endless strip of hotels, this place ranks very, very high on my list. JP and I sat on the deck overlooking the water while sipping a fine tequila.  The brand name escapes me at the moment (too much tequila? What is too much?), but the waiters are incredibly knowledgeable and will recommend amazing, amazing tequilas for you to sip, savor or shoot, whatever your pleasure. (The waiters will give you a tomato juice chaser, but you look way more badass if you drink the tequila straight.)

We ordered shrimp quesadillas and marinated beef tacos, which came with a massive dollop of fresh guacamole and diced red onions. We were stuffed, we were sh*t-faced, we were happy. Welcome to Mexico.

**JP was determined to get back to La Destileria for another meal, so we made a point of it to visit again the following day. If we were impressed with our meal the first day, the second blew it out of the water. Try the tacos de la plaza, which are made with chorizo and chicharron. The molca de arrachera is a must as well – a steaming stone bowl filled with steak, beans, chorizo, avocado, fresh cheese and some sort of cactus. A.mazing.