For those of you worried about the well-being of the 90s, I am here to report that they are alive and well…at least, at Oasis Cancun in Mexico. How do I know? I’m living it, baby. I’m talking meat heads and bimbos both tanned beyond belief and showing as much skin as possible, playing water volleyball and beach soccer and grooving to Rihanna or the Black Eyed Peas. Okay, the music may have changed a little, but the scene is still the same.

This is Cancun on Spring Break, just like you remember from MTV, although slightly smaller in scale. There’s no Carmen Electra or Carson Daly, but there are 20-somethings impersonating horny barnyard animals in exchange for alcohol. Oh yeah, it’s happening.

The boyfriend (JP) is on a press trip to check out Oasis Hotels & Resorts‘ newly renovated properties and I get to tag along to soak up some sun and alcohol. Pretty delightful.

Last night we checked out Sens Del Mar, one of Oasis’ most recently renovated properties. THIS is my kind of hotel. It’s “adults oriented,” which weeds out a lot of the families with their…charming…children. Many of the rooms have private plunge pools on their balconies, there are infinity pools, fine dining restaurants and a sunset bar. This is the perfect type of hotel for those “I’m going to ignore the fact that you don’t want kids because this is paradise and maybe you’ll change your mind someday” moments with a significant other.

I’m not staying at that hotel.

Don’t get me wrong – just because Oasis Cancun isn’t my scene (with it’s all-inclusiveness and body shot mentality), there is a market for it. In fact, there are tons of families, couples and friends here who are all having what looks to be a fantastic time. Hell, I saw a Michael Jackson impersonator last night and JP and I danced and sang to “Billie Jean,” among other MJ hits. I don’t expect this trip to be our From Here to Eternity moment, but we are having fun.

Stay tuned for updates from this evening as we get treated to a special performance by Kool and the Gang (yes, of ‘Celebration’ and ‘Jungle Boogie’ fame).