A few weeks back I told you all about the Ace Hotel, and how I had yet to try either restaurant at the property. Well, fortunately, I can say that this has changed. Last night I visited the John Dory Oyster Bar for a little mollusk madness; a bevy of bivalves, if you will.

All I can say is that if you have not tried this place yet, you surely, SURELY must.

Our table started out with a dozen oysters, both east and west coast, a dozen clams and six giant prawns with some sort of sinful coriander mayo. An oyster connoisseur was in our midst and he did all but get down on one knee and propose to these unctuous, briny little beasts. (They are an aphrodisiac, after all.)

The next hour and a half of the meal was filled with raw pink snapper with shiitake mushrooms, chorizo stuffed squid, pork belly with sea urchin custard, oyster pan roast with uni crostini…and as if that isn’t enough to make your head spin…we went for the mortadella stuffed mussels.

Be forewarned: this is not a cheap meal. Be prepared to spend upwards of $150 for two people. Easily. But, it will all be worth it, my friends. And so much for that resolution I had to lose five or six pounds. But it’s seafood, right? So that’s kind of calorie-free. Okay just let me think it is. Anyway…

The John Dory Oyster Bar sits at Broadway and W 29th Street. It doesn’t take reservations, but you can get yourself on the “list.” Guests of the hotel have first priority.