I love New York, but sometimes it’s necessary to get away from even the best city in the world. Last weekend I lured my adventurous friend Jenna out into the mountains for a little getaway. (That sounds like the intro to some kind of girl-on-girl porn flick, which, I assure you, this was not.)

I was invited on a press trip to check out the newly renovated Mount Airy Casino Resort in the Poconos. Never heard of it? Sure you have. Everyone knows the 1980’s Mount Airy jingle, and I’m sure you’ve heard tales of heart-shaped beds in this remote budget honeymooner town. But let me assure you, the Mount Airy of today is quite different. After millions of dollars in renovations, the property is working hard to revamp its image (and has been successful thus far, already having earned the AAA Four Diamond status).

The new resort has slots and table games, two fine dining restaurants and a spa, and I was told that it has plans for a new golf clubhouse, indoor/outdoor pool and a couple more dining options.

Still, it has a ways to go. I would be lying to you if I said that we were rubbing elbows with high society. Picture, if you will, a crowd perhaps with lower incomes and larger waistlines and that is the casino floor. But hey, I’m not one to judge. I played the slots with the rest of them…and I may have scored $400. Yeah, that’s right. Big Mama over here pocketed four bills. I’m just saying, this place is a two-hour bus ride from Port Authority, which makes for a quick (and successful) getaway.

Of the two fine dining restaurants, both of which were absolutely excellent, I loved La Sorelle, the Italian option. Jenna and I shared an antipasto appetizer for two with Italian cured meats and cheeses. For a main I had tagliatelle with osso bucco, while Jenna tried tortellini with braised shortrib. Heaven. And don’t get me wrong – the steakhouse, Red’s, was excellent. Who doesn’t love filet mignon?

As for my winnings? I took a wild ride over to the American Express website and dropped three bills on my mother f**king credit card bill. Awwww yeaaaaah.