Uh oh. It’s a scary thing when your firmly held beliefs come crashing down around you. For years I made the declaration that I wouldn’t live anywhere but Manhattan, and now I’m eating my words as I am in love with Astoria. Another pillar that I lived by was Williamsburg, the hipster haven in Brooklyn, was the axis of all evil. But I’m slowly having to take my foot out of my mouth as I’m finding that neck of the woods to be pretty freaking awesome. Here’s why:

Diner. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, folks. Best. Burger. Ever. I’m sorry, but this succulent, grass-fed hunk of ground beef is spiced to perfection, topped with tangy pickled onions, a leaf of lettuce for color and crunch and a beautifully fluffy bun. Add to that an ice old Presidente beer and I’m pretty sure I’d leave my boyfriend for it, if it weren’t for the fact that he can’t get enough of these either. (Is it wrong to have a threesome with a burger?) Take the L to Bedford Ave. or the JMZ to Marcy Ave. Diner sits at 85 Broadway.

Marlow & Daughters. The butcher from where Diner gets its prime steaks and other assorted meats. This is the freshest of the fresh. Nothing like housing a Diner burger and heading next door to pick up some house-cured salami and taleggio cheese for a midnight snack. (It is on the pricey side, though. You are paying for top quality.)

Satellite Lounge. Upon entering this little dive on Havemeyer St. you won’t be immediately impressed. Something about the lone guy at the bar downing Scotch and then heading to the pinball machine doesn’t exactly scream happy. But that all washes away as you down a Lagunitas IPA and head over to one of the many twinkling pinball machines for your own epic battle.

Now that’s a nice little Saturday in the ‘burg. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Name that Skyline and your chance to win $25!