I really feel that upstate New York is for everyone. You either love it or hate it and honestly, even if you hate it, you secretly kind of love it. How could you not? From dilapidated Victorian houses that were probably once thoroughly glamorous to seedy, grungy townie bars, you can always find an adventure (or at least a good cup of coffee and interesting conversation) in upstate New York.

This past weekend I visited my brother at Union College in Schenectady for his 21st birthday, and while that was certainly epic, I’m here to tell you about the morning-after meal.

Unbeknownst to many (or me, at least) Schenectady has its own Little Italy. Coming from New York, it really doesn’t amount to much, but for at least a couple of blocks on Jay Street you can get some good grub from the old country.

We dined at Perreca’s Bakery, a family joint on North Jay Street that has been around since 1913. I opted for the meatball panini: huge chunks of ground beef and pork slathered in sauce and topped with cheese. But the real treat of the sandwich was the bread, always homemade, always fluffy and topped with powdery flour. If you’re hungover after a keg party in Schenectady, NY, I guarantee you’ll find your elixir at Perreca’s.