Are you looking for your next off-kilter New York adventure? Can I tempt you with thermal pools, mineral saunas, and a rooftop whirlpool with a giant mushroom that rains warm water?

If you are looking for a New York City adventure, Spa Castle, a Korean day spa out in Flushing, Queens is a must. Take the number 7 train to the very last stop (Main St/Flushing) and walk to the Flushing Municipal Parking Lot (39th and Union Street). A shuttle bus will pick you up and take you all the way out to Spa Castle.

Upon arrival men and women are separated into changing areas where you don the traditional spa scrub garb and get a wrist bracelet that acts as your charge card for the day. Want a snack? Tap your bracelet. An adult beverage? Tap your bracelet. When you check out your bracelet will reveal how much you owe.

Feel free to lounge in the male- or female-only thermal pools inside each changing room, but if you want coed integration, I suggest heading upstairs to the sauna floor. Here you will find separate huts decked out in different colored jewels that look more like Fraggle Rock homes than saunas, but each one is devoted to a different mineral, such as salt or jade.

This is absolutely one of the weirder things you can do in New York, but if you go under the right circumstances I think it can be a lot of fun.

BIG TIP: Do NOT go on a weekend. For some god-forsaken reason children are allowed at Spa Castle, which completely destroys the experience, seeing as children are pests who cannot sit still for more than 35 seconds. If you’re trying to detox in a sauna and some little brat is playing hopscotch next to you, you really won’t relax. Also, some of the thermal pools have swim-up bars and the children order chocolatey drinks and leave the plastic cups everywhere. If it’s relaxation you want, then a weekday is imperative. However, if you want to do something kitschy, get a little daytime buzz going on and paddle around in a rooftop whirlpool with some friends, a weekend is certainly sufficient.