I don’t know what it is about me that attracts men who are anti-establishment. My high school boyfriend was a die-hard Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Eagles fan, much to the shock of our fellow New York peers. And here I am, eight years later, in a new relationship with a different guy who, shockingly enough, is also a die-hard Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Eagles fan. And we live in Queens. Sundays at the local bar are interesting.

That all being said, and being the excellent girlfriend that I am, I procured Eagles tickets for my guy for his birthday. The plan was to head down the Saturday night before and have a mini vacation in Philly before heading to the game on Sunday. We were going to take Amtrak. It was going to be a breeze. And then October came and the Phillies made it into the NLDS playoffs. And all the hotel rooms were booked. And Amtrak prices skyrocketed up to $140 round trip each. So much for an easy trip…

…or so we thought.

It’s actually a breeze to get down to Philly for a day from New York. New Jersey Transit runs out of Penn Station regularly. An hour and 15 minute train ride (on a local Northeast Corridor train) puts you at Trenton, NJ. After a quick connection, you can find yourself on a SEPTA train which runs straight to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station. It’s just a two hour trip and a round trip ticket will cost you $50.

Unfortunately not everything can go so well. The Eagles choked in the fourth quarter against the San Francisco 49ers. The ride home was less than pleasant.