Any cruise fans out there? Anyone? Bueller? I’m not a big fan of the all-you-can-eat, kids-at-every-corner concept. But when I get to meet Guy Fieri at an event for Carnival Cruise Lines, sure, cruising gets a little cooler. (Note: I’m a Travel Channel fan through and through. I bleed Bourdain. But something about this frosted tip, burger guzzling, California dude makes me smile.)

I’ve taken one cruise in my entire life. It was a three day shindig from San Francisco up to Vancouver and it was aboard Crystal Cruises’ Crystal Symphony. I’m told that’s the way to go. It’s luxury cruising at its finest. So believe me when I say I am no cruise connoisseur.

But for all my cruise fans out there, let me tell you that yesterday I attended an event for Carnival Cruise Lines at Manhattan’s very swank Hudson Terrace (probably the only time I will ever see what’s beyond those velvet ropes). Sitting among members of the media (I’m talking real members here, like USA Today and Fox), I learned about Carnival’s Fun Ship 2.0, which includes a host of new offerings centered around dining, entertainment and bars & lounges (complete with some celebrity partnerships – enter Guy Fieri. Oh, and George Lopez. He was there, too.)

Fieri will be overseeing Guy’s Burger Joint, a “straightforward, real deal, quality burger,” according to Fieri. Lopez will take on Carnival’s signature The Punchliner Comedy Club as the new “curator of comedy.”

I apologize that this post is so industry-related. I’ll have some more tales from my weekend jaunt to Philly sometime tomorrow. If you really care about Carnival Cruise Lines’ announcement, you can read the post I did for my actual job here.