I have very rarely hated a destination that I have visited, but whenever asked where is the worst place I have ever been, Prague always seems to jump into my mind, much to the bewilderment of the inquirer.

I know, I know. Prague is amazing, magical, fantastic, stupendous, ridiculously cheap and something out of a storybook. Well….if any of that is true I sure as hell didn’t see it. The year was 2008 and I was on my quintessential college rite of passage: a European backpacking adventure. We had two days in Prague, which I know is not enough, but when you’re 21 and on a budget visiting six countries in two weeks, you have to make due. Anyway, what I saw of Prague was the petty theft, non-navigable Charles Bridge, and beer that cost four euro.

I never ask for audience participation because I’m afraid no one will ever respond and then I’ll feel embarrassed. But this time, friends, I ask you. What did I do wrong? Where is this magic Prague that people seem to adore? Mozart wrote a symphony about the city. It must be something good! But where is it??

And in the meantime, read this wonderful article on Moravia in the Czech Republic that was in the New York Times.