Photo courtesy of Grub Street

Today’s post is a shout out to both foodies and New Yorkers (although the two usually go hand in hand). My good friend Lauren E. (of fame) is always giving me the scoop on what’s good to eat in NYC, and why Queens is the best borough around. (It was her adamant praise that got me to pack up and leave Manhattan for the better borough.)

Yesterday I learned that burger junkies will be flocking to lovely Long Island City, Queens by the end of the year for the newest outpost of Corner Bistro (according to Grub Street).

Why you should care: If you have never eaten a Corner Bistro burger, well….okay I’m not going to say “then you have never eaten a burger in your life,” because New York is home to some pretty damn good burgers (I’m thinking of you, Diner in Williamsburg). But still, this burger is always ranked in New York City’s top five. Yet another reason why there is very little reason to cross the East River.

Read the article here.